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Aspergillus Website
The Fungal Research Trust is a UK-based not-for-profit charity, which was formed in 1991. They have set up a major website on the fungus Aspergillus and the diseases that it can cause. This should provide a major resource for clinical doctors, scientists, patients and their relatives. The Clinical Questions and Answers forum under Medical Information is especially interesting.
There is also a separate website just for patients. On this website question and answer has been translated into thirty-three languages.
Antifungal prophylaxis has seen a fall in the incidence of Aspergillus infections, although not to zero. This implies that patients may be non-compliant, especially during adolescence, that absorption may be inadequate, the dose used was too low for the patientís weight or that the patient with infection were infected with a conazole-resistant isolate. See Treatment of Aspergillosis and Aspergilloma under Medical Information for the latest information on antifungals drugs currently being used and new emerging drugs.
Dr. Fungus
This is another excellent website with references to all things mycological! It is the official website of the Mycoses Study Group.